I’ve been vibrating at a million miles an hour since yesterday, thanks to Candice Webster and the incredible, transformational Life Activation she performed on me. It’s not something that can be described in words, but for all the kak I’ve ever encountered in my life, it has provided a release, for all the guilt I’ve ever experienced, it has helped me let it go. Incredible physical detox too, even though she hardly laid a finger on me. Mmmmm…. deliciousness at it’s best that has left me feeling free, floaty, fabulous and DIVINE! So ready to reaffirm my position as MEEEEE and to share the gifts I’ve been so blessed with. Thank you, beautiful, most amazing lady for shining the light on me.

Katherine, Johannesburg


Dear Candice! I cannot barely fit in words, how different I feel since Saturday. I feel positive, free, alive, switched-on…. I cry because I am happy, I see life happening around me and I am able to process so much more information in a positive way. It is almost unreal and I cannot share this with anyone… am almost afraid it can go away. It is soooo nice to be “myself” again and no longer stuck. and my horse Rohan wow…. he used to get stuck on the field and not follow me to the stable and I had to pull. But now with me just thinking “forward” he comes along… entirely energy… what is part of most horse books but I never figured out what it means… but my energies are flowing again and so are ours. It is amazing. Thank you for coming into my life with your gift! Alone the fact that I can get out of my current job situation and the fact that my life will be ok just changed me. Again, it is so much more than this. I feel the alchemy but don’t know how to put it in words, other than THANK YOU (and you probably know what I mean)… i truly hope that my life will continue like this. I love it! Am in love with life again. Thank you.

Anne, Cape Town


Babe its so amazing… since the life activation I have finally got my sense of humour back! It has been gone for months and I feel like I’m back to my old self! My social awkwardness has almost completely disappeared! Thank you so so so much! Cant wait for the next one! What you are doing is really amazing. I haven’t felt so good in months 🙂 and no western medication could have done this. Thank you again, you really have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me.

Medical Doctor, Cape Town