Transformation Makeover Package

Find your beauty within and express it in every aspect of your life!

This package combines the most powerful healing modalities of the Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation and Soul Purpose Reading, with my practical experience in the world of décor, styling, fashion, colour therapy, beauty and nutrition. It is designed to reignite you from within, and empower to fully express your true divine essence. By fully expressing yourself in all areas of your life, you will begin to live a life of balance, harmony, passion and joy. We are here to experience the grandest versions of ourselves, and I would be honoured to help you bring this to fruition. It is time to thrive!

The package consists of the following:

• Life Activation
• Full Spirit Activation
• Soul purpose reading
• Guidance on nutrition for better health and vitality
• Holistic beauty care
• Styling and fashion consultation
• Home décor consultation

Each package will be specifically designed for you, so please contact me for further information on this.