Crystal GriddingI am passionate about creating sacred and holy spaces that help us to connect more fully with ourselves, loved ones and God! So if you want to take your home to a whole new level, I can grid your home with crystal grids for a constant experience of strong, positive energy. The crystals maintain an extremely positive energy and there is a marked difference between a room that has these ancient crystal grids or not. Whilst you can choose to grid only certain rooms in your home, I am absolutely passionate about gridding babie’s and childrens rooms . The Space is ‘gridded’ with an ancient Sacred Geometrical shape, eg the Sputnik, by walking and weaving this sacred geometry together with ancient holy words. This grid is then ‘locked’ into place by a crystal that is secured in the corners of the room. Each sacred geometry grid has a different amount of crystals that are used. The crystals themselves have been cleansed and are stored in a sacred Temple, waiting to be used for your home! The crystals then get wrapped in copper to enhance their energy. The crystals are sacred energies in themselves designed to be of service to hold sacred energy.