The Shambhala Centre was founded by Candice Webster who has dedicated the past 16 years of her life to her spiritual evolution. Over this period she has studied many different forms of spirituality and religion, as well as many types of healing modalities. She has a background in colour therapy, makeup and beauty, styling and fashion, and has run her own interior décor and fashion businesses. Candice is a certified Healer in the 3000 year old Tradition and Lineage of King Salomon, whose teachings and healing modalities have been handed down through The Modern Mystery School.

Her journey has enabled her to experience both the beauty of the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves, and it is her great desire to empower people to express their true divinity whilst on this physical journey. Candice is absolutely passionate about weaving beauty and joy back into people’s lives, as they begin to heal and awaken to their own unique essence. Every single human being has come here with a contract between themselves and God, and Shambhala Centre is dedicated to helping remove the blockages that prevent us from connecting with our true divine essence.

Candice is also extremely passionate about family life, and as a mother of 2 young children, understands first-hand the challenges of trying to balance career and family life. This imbalance has caused great suffering in the world today, and it is our children who are being most affected. She has evolved her own natural parenting style in order to better find this balance, and would love to be of service to mothers or fathers that may be seeking advice on this.

Candice has also developed a range of crystal products that are individually designed to work with the human or animal that will wear them. This is done by intuitively channelling the crystals and working with them to understand which crystal combinations would best serve each individual’s needs.

Lastly, we have come here with infinite potential, and have a divine right to experience the grandest version of ourselves in all aspects of our lives. This includes the spaces in which we live and work, as well as the clothes that we wear to express ourselves. Life is meant to be abundantly joyful, and by expressing our uniqueness we are one step closer to experiencing joy! Candice has created a unique transformational makeover package that combines a complete makeover of Body, Soul and Spirit.

“We are all eternal beings, we have never been born, and therefore we can never die.” – Gudni GudnasonShambhala CentreShambhala Centre