Shambhala Centre is dedicated to the empowerment of every human being.

We recognise that we are all spiritual beings on a physical journey – and that most of us most of the time have forgotten this as we go about our daily lives. As a result, so many people are living in a state of constant fear and apathy, when our natural state is actually one of JOY!

At Shambhala Centre, it is our mission to help people reconnect to their true divine essence within, and enable them to express that beauty in every aspect of their lives. We do this by offering very powerful and ancient healing modalities that will assist you with deep healing on all levels, as well as help awaken you to who you truly are. We also offer a complete transformational package that uses some of these healing modalities, and combines them with guidance on nutrition, styling, home décor and fashion, so that you may express your true divinity in all these areas. This brings about balance in both the physical and spiritual dimensions, and enables you to fully experience all aspects of who you are.

We are also extremely passionate about helping people to find balance between having successful careers, as well as thriving in their family life. So many people and families are suffering today because they don’t know how they can do both, and hence one or the other gets neglected. By assisting you in finding your soul purpose, balance can be restored to this area of your life.